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No Agendas An AP2 tuned to perfection, on it’s own terms. Story and Photos by Amee Reehal ©   In today’s market, there is no shortage of high-end, high profile show cars backed by reputable aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers displaying their wears or perhaps by unlikely corporations looking to reach out to a “younger” demographic. Gleaming rides plastered with corporate logos, supporting sponsor icons, and anything else that... Read More

Tuner: 2001 Honda S2000

The Hustle Story & Photos by Amee Reehal © Originally published in Banzai (UK), Cover feature April2009 issue; and Modified Magazine in 2008.   We all work hard in some capacity. How hard we work, however, is really up for interpretation—training for a marathon, taking an extra job to make ends meet, or sweating it out in the final level of Call of Duty 4. But we can all agree that a serious tuning project is no easy task, inevitably... Read More

Published > Cover Shoot: Banzai Magazine

Banzai Magazine (UK, Int’l) March 2010 Issue Story & Snaps- Amee R Double-page poster inside:  Read More

Published > Cover Shoot: “The Hustle”

“The Hustle” Banzai Magazine (UK), April09 issue story & snaps Amee Reehal BELOW: the double-page poster is a cool ‘behind-the-scenes’ shot from the shoot…which happens to include my wife in her sweats. Too funny.  Read More

Published > STRD’s Honda S2000 Feature

SpeedTech Racing’s Honda S2000 Feature ‘No Agendas’ Modified Magazine (US/Can); Jan2008 issue Story & Photos: Amee Reehal The boys at SpeedTech Racing (STRD) know how to build cars. And I’ve shot and featured many of them in the past 6 years or so. This S2K belongs to one of their clients, and built by my man Tein Hoang and Nic Chow at STRD. This spread ran in the January ’08 issue. The layout turned out really well. To... Read More

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